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SUJU gif picture...

it is Saturday nite everybody!!
cheer up!!

wanna post some gif picture...
from SUJU M mv...
U chinese version..

i just made..
hannie, siwon, donghae, wookie and kyu gif only...
the other two..
maybe next time..

this does not mean..
i against SUJU M...
maybe next time..
that's all i can say rite now..

wanna thanks to angel_ehron

hope all of u enjoy it..
credits as mention above..
just inform me if u take it!!!


XD 예뻐요!!

Can you tell me how you made these? I've been trying to make one of the hip rolling part but I've never made gifs before ^_^'

Or....I can finish taking all of the screen shots of that part and send them to you ^_^ Originally I was trying to convert a wmv file to gif of that part but I've yet to figure out how to do it.
BTW, the second half of the pics is posted too. There are 73 in all if I remember correctly XD
ok thanks for the 2nd part...
73 pics ya...
wanna make gif ya..
u can visit this by visit this link

u can make gif by picture
or by video..
rite now..
i just learn how to make it by picture...
in process to learn how to make it by video...

thanks ya for sharing...
it is really good...
u're using picture or video??
Pictures ^_^

But now I need to figure out how to resize it -_-' *too much work trying to make this*
it is really require much effort...
maybe if u wanna easy..
just learn how to make it by video...
AISH!! Its done....but the file is too big -_-' *gives up*
what type of file?
video file??

It can't be more than 40 kb and mine's 323 kb. ;_;

check out my journal again. I posted it with the pictures and on the forum 13 Wonder Boys and E.L.F.
I'm going to try and cut the beginning and end off from the gif even though I don't want to....see if it makes it smaller
gambate kudasai!!
Arigatou.....demo no good -_-' smallest I could get it was 106 kb

....maybe because the pictures were such high quality had something to do with it....*contemplates*
have u try to resize the picture first.
then u can upload it back to that site..
....*goes to try*....
No good. I'm done for tonight....maybe after I'm done with school or when I get some more free time I will try it again ^_^'
i'll try it later...
maybe after i have download all the screencaps ya...
here is the zip file of just the hip part if you want them


Nighty!!! =^_^=
it's nite over there...
it's afternoon here...
Hehe, yeah it was 2:30 a.m. when I left my last message. Where are you at if you don't mind me asking?
i'm at Malaysia...
rite now it is 8.25 am..
and where r u rite now?
Hehe, lucky. You're closer to the boys. I'm in Michigan, USA. It's now 8:43 pm. ^_^ Korean homework has taken over my life for the day. Soooo busy -_-'
so difference about 12 hours between Malaysia and USA..
by the way..
have i add u as a friend???
so u're learning korea??
i'd learning japanese before...
but only at level 1...
Feel free to add me as a friend *adds you* ^_^ Should probably find some where else to talk. This thread is getting really long.
AISH!! Its done....but the file is too big -_-' *gives up*